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How We Can Help Your Practice

With our proven process, we will help you shift from overwhelmed to organized so you can have your time back.

We meet your practice as is, supporting you to build a more manageable and sustainable way of communicating with your clients.

Client-centered call and scheduling services

Every veterinary-client relationship starts with a phone call. Your clients are calling during an emotional time. You can’t outsource your scheduling to just anyone. Our team of experienced end-of-life professionals build compassion into every call.

Our Services

We offer client scheduling and communication services designed to help your practice grow and thrive, while you maintain work-life balance.

Phone Calls

We are as invested in care and compassion as you are. Every phone call includes in-depth quality of life discussions and genuine emotional support. We provide rDVM notifications, grief support via email and phone, and grief resource recommendations. We offer 87 hours of live phone coverage per week including after-hours voicemail management.


Let go of all of your pieced together programs and systems and use us instead, we’ll replace your phone service provider, medical records software, calendaring system, and client-facing email account. We provide practice management software, virtual fax machine, comprehensive phone service including managing your business number and voicemails, and an interactive customized Google map for your website.

Strategy and Insights

As a business owner, sometimes you need a strategic sounding board. Our industry experience and insights are built into our services. We can recommend changes in your pricing structure, regions, and travel fees. You will have a dedicated liaison to manage questions and keep track of vital metrics of monthly visits, phone calls, and key practice analytics.


We'll refresh your calendar and appointment scheduling process and create an upgraded, streamlined system. We manage all scheduling requests, cancellations, and rescheduled visits in our custom-designed record management software.

Client Care

Our client support team is led by a licensed veterinary social worker, and we understand the intense loss our clients experience. Our team is trained to manage difficult calls, clients in crisis, and grief counseling referrals. We provide grief support, recommendations for families, and end-of-life decision-making assistance. 

Record Keeping

Keeping consistent medical and business records is crucial. We help manage your euthanasia medical information, client payment bookkeeping and prepayment processing, and other key activities so nothing falls through the cracks.


Our goal is to provide simple and straightforward pricing.

Our service starts at $1950 per month, based on how many visits we schedule and any additional services you need.