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When it’s time for change

Written by Kristi Lehman, MSW, LISW - Director of Operations

As mobile practices grow, the practice owner wears many hats: receptionist, counselor, veterinarian, bookkeeper, IT department, marketer. At some point, many owners feel their personal limitations becoming more apparent. Unfortunately, those limitations are hard to see coming. We tend to only see them when we’re tangled up in the thick of them.

The limitations are as varied as the practices themselves. When juggling business management, client phone calls, and in-home visits, you may be missing more than you’re gaining. You may be missing dinnertime with your kids, opportunities to help more families, increasing number of incoming phone calls, vacations and time away. All the hats you’re wearing begin to feel heavy, and it’s difficult to grow and move forward when you can’t hold your head up.

You are your business’s most important asset. When you are spread too thin, the talents and passion that brought you to this point begin to take a backseat to the day-to-day details that you can’t seem to stay ahead of.

No matter what measurements drives you – revenue, visits per month, the number of your daughter’s volleyball games you’re still able to attend – you want to feel that you have a focused control over the outcome.

When you feel that you’ve reached your limit, or if you can see your limit coming up over the horizon as you’re barreling towards it, consider how you can make more room. Make room for what you do best by hiring our team to do what we do best. DVMcenter’s team of support specialists are specially trained to respond to client’s needs. Whether the need is a listening ear, to schedule a euthanasia visit, handle payment, or guidance in end-of-life decisions, DVMcenter is an extension of your practice by providing expert support to your clients. You will begin to gain more than you miss.

Kristi has worked with MN Pets and DVMcenter for over 6 years. She manages the onboarding process for member practices and provides ongoing support to ensure that doctors and their clients receive expert, compassionate care. Kristi is especially interested in mission-driven business management and human-animal bond centered practices.