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Support Specialists

Written by Elizabeth Tacke, CVT - Support Manager

Whether they are faced with a heartbreaking diagnosis, mobility issues, or loss of cognitive function, families wrestling with the decision to say goodbye to their beloved pet have so many questions. They are reaching out to us at a time when they are feeling the most overwhelmed, vulnerable, and exhausted. As Support Specialists, our mission is to make each client's experience a little less scary, and give them a sense of relief and control once their questions have been answered. We are here to validate their feelings with compassion, support, and understanding.

At DVMcenter, we have an extensive hiring process to ensure that we only bring on the most caring and compassionate candidates, who understand the gravity of the human-animal bond. Our hiring process includes:

  • Email Interview Questions
  • Phone Interview
  • Group Interview
  • 2nd In-person Interview/Shadowing Opportunity
  • Reference Check

All of these steps allow for us to not only get to know each candidate well, but we can also take note of how they articulate their words over email, how their voice and demeanor come through over the phone, and how they navigate complex, emotional situations.

Our team consists of Support Specialists with backgrounds in veterinary technology, education, human services, and human mortuary sciences. Although veterinary experience is helpful, it is not required. We have specialized training modules to help educate those without a veterinary background, created by our managers/supervisors who are all Certified Veterinary Technicians. Continuing education and training is very important to us, and we meet monthly to talk about different topics that will help us give the best support we possibly can. These topics can cover anything from learning how to conduct a “check-in” call for our clients needing additional grief support from our Director of Operations, a licensed social worker, to tips and tricks on becoming the most proficient at using our state-of-the-art scheduling software.

We understand how much strength and courage it takes for your clients to make this call, and we will take as much time as they need to ensure their confidence in choosing your practice to help their pet pass peacefully in their home. By exceeding your client’s expectations, the common saying “You may not remember your pet’s first vet visit, but you will always remember their last,” can hold true as a meaningful experience for them and their families.

Elizabeth has worked with the support team for over 2 years. She started as a support specialist and grew into a supervisory role where she helped train and mentor new support specialists. Answering phones and speaking to clients are still a majority of her work day, and is what she considers the best part of her job.